Call for Presentations


The IIUG Planning Committee is currently accepting presentation proposals for IIUG 2017, which is to be held Sunday April 23 – Thursday April 27, 2017 at The Marriott City Center, Raleigh NC, USA.  Registration is now open.

Our event stands out in our industry in large part due to the vast diversity of our speakers.  While many sessions are hosted by Informix technical pros, a key component of the event is the “end user” participation.  We all have vastly different backgrounds, both personal and professional.  We all use Informix differently.  The Informix feature-set has grown significantly in the past several years.  This year we would like it to have more user presentations leveraging the new feature sets. Whether it is just a pet project or something you are looking to build, we would love to hear about it. There are plenty of things that I have always wanted to do with Informix but have not had the time or the priority for it. This is your chance to make it happen.  If it enables you to get a free pass to some GREAT education and networking, your company will find value in your pet project. Please consider putting together a few sentences on what you want to implement or have implemented and share it with the masses. I plan on submitting a proposal on something which I have not completed yet. It will force me to work on it and present on it.

IIUG 2017 will be comprised of three days of technical/user sessions, a series of hands-on-labs and one day of comprehensive tutorials intended to reinforce the power of Informix. Presentation proposals should be brief, highlighting the Informix technical solutions, real world experiences or trade tips you will include in your presentation. Multiple presentations are encouraged. Speaker guidelines can be found at

All User Speakers will receive:

  • Complimentary IIUG 2017 pass (note that this does not include Conference Tutorials but these may be purchased separately for a nominal fee).
  • Speakers who present TWO sessions will receive the above pass PLUS FREE Conference Tutorials.

Use to register your proposal.  These “proposals” need only to be a well thought out idea or outline of what your presentation will be.  We won’t need the actual presentation until next March.  So don’t be shy!

For your convenience, speaker logins have been retained for those who submitted an IIUG 2016 speaker proposal. Please submit your proposal and a brief biography today for consideration.