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Presentation Title:   HOL - Relational vs. TimeSeries smack down
Primary Speaker:   Simon David (Cosmo)
Bio:   Cosmo is an long time Informix user, dating back to 1987. He has served in a variety of roles, both in the Informix support and development organizations. He is currently based in the UK, but also spent many years in Menlo Park. His primary focus over the last several years has been TimeSeries, helping many customers plan and optimally deploy TimeSeries applications.
Relational vs TimeSeries smackdown – We’ll take a chunk of TimeSeries data and show the real world advantage of storing it and analysing it using Informix TimeSeries functions vs. the equivalent relational methods. If you are currently working with time based data using traditional relational structures and functions, this will give you an opportunity to explore what Informix TimeSeries can offer. This will be a very interactive session!
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