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Presentation Title:   Informix enters the world of data science with DSX Local
Primary Speaker:   Kevin Brown
Bio:   Kevin has over 25 years experience in the database field. Before coming to IBM, Kevin worked at Britton-Lee where he helped develop the worlds first dedicated database machine. He went on to Illustra where he worked on extending the capabilities of traditional relational databases. Since coming to IBM, Kevin has introduced timeseries and real-time capabilities into IBM's relational database products. Kevin is currently the chief architect for the Informix Dynamic Server and is responsible for driving the technical strategy and direction of the Informix product set. Kevin received his degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.
Informix has always been known for ease of use, great performance, and its ability to handle IoT and other streaming workloads. Now with the introduction of IBM's Data Science Experience Local (DSX Local for short) Informix is now available to data scientists. This presentation will give and overview of DSX Local and the various tools that come with it such as Jupyter notebooks and RStudio. There will also be a live demo showing how data scientists can use the Jupyter notebooks in DSX Local to access data in Informix.
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