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Presentation Title:   Protecting Your Company’s Crown Jewels: Databases
Primary Speaker:   Cindy Fung
Bio:   Cindy Fung is a worldwide product manager for Guardium in IBM Security. She is responsible for business development with IBM Business Partners. Cindy has traveled all over to world, meeting with customers and business partners to better understand their business challenges and worked with them to determine how best to meet their needs. Cindy has a broad spectrum of experience in IT. She is conversant with data security challenges, relational databases, big data & NoSQL, warehousing, hardware technologies, and operating systems. Prior to her current role, Cindy had been a product manager for DB2 and Informix; she also worked many years in product development on data warehousing and large systems performance.
Cyber attackers want to extract as much data from your
enterprise as possible to sell. Databases are often top
targets with largest depository of customer and sensitive
data. Guardium protects your crown jewels at the data
source, helps to prevent unauthorized data activities,
detects abnormal activity levels, provides real-time
forensics investigation, and automates audit reports
generation to more easily meet regulatory compliance.
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