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Presentation Title:   Using SQL to generate SQL for Administrating an Informix Database Server
Primary Speaker:   Lester Knutsen
Bio:   Lester Knutsen has been developing database applications with Informix databases since 1983. He is president of Advanced DataTools, an IBM Informix Consulting, Training, Support and Tools Partner specializing in data warehouse development, database design, performance tuning, and Informix training and support. Currently, Lester specializes in Informix performance tuning, advanced Informix training and developing very fast database systems. He provides training and consulting in database design and performance tuning, and is widely known in the Informix community for his extensive experience and teaching skill. Lester is founder and past president of the Washington D.C. Area Informix Users Group, and is one of the five founding members of the International Informix Users Group. Lester is also a member of the IBM Gold Consultant program and in October 2008 was awarded one of the Inaugural IBM Champion awards by IBM.
As DBA's we create scripts to perform DBA functions all the
time. This presentation is on tips and tricks for using SQL to generate SQL scripts and KSH scripts to perform certain repetitive DBA functions.
I will show examples of SQL scripts generating scripts to grant or revoke privileges, alter table attributes table, replicate dbspace, chunk and server configuration setting.
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