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Presentation Information

Presentation Title:   View and analyze your relational data as a graph
Primary Speaker:   Ognjen Orel
Bio:   Ognjen has 15 years of experience in using, administering and programming information systems on Informix. He is an Champion since 2013, one of the founders and a secretary of a local Adria IUG, covering south-eastern Europe.
Graph databases and graph data models have become quite
recently, due to the fact they can be used to describe
many domains in
more natural way than the relational databases. Also,
there are plenty of
graph algorithms which can be used on graph data to give
answers that are
difficult find in the relational world.
On the other hand, there is a bunch of relational data in
all our databases.
This presentation is going to give some answers to
questions like: What
can be done in order to view and explore those data as a
graph or series of
graphs? Is it possible to analyze it with graph
algorithms? If so, how?
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