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Presentation Title:   A Data Science Introduction for Database boys and girls
Primary Speaker:   Jacques Roy
Bio:   Jacques Roy is a member of the IBM analytics competitive and product strategy team, specializing on big data streaming analytics, and Spark. Over his more than 30 years in the industry, Jacques has worked in many technology areas including operating systems, databases, and application development. He is the author of multiple books with the most recent being “Streaming Analytics with IBM Streams”. He is a contributor to IBM data magazine/Big Data Hub. Jacques has also been a presenter at many conferences including IBM's Insight at World of Watson.
Data Science is a hot subject. It is also closely related
machine learning.
It seems that everything we hear about machine learning
like magic.

This presentation gives you an overview of data science,
methodology and
terminology. It also gets into basic probability and
so you can start
understanding some popular machine learning algorithms.
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