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Presentation Title:   HOL - Informix with Docker
Primary Speaker:   Pradeep Natarajan
Bio:   Pradeep Natarajan graduated with his doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Kansas in 2007. His areas of interest are database technology, software development, robotics and artificial intelligence. Following graduation he started working for IBM as a Software Engineer. He has been working in the Research and Development teams of Informix Dynamic Server for the past five years. He was involved in the R&D of multiple Informix features. He has presented at several conferences and published articles in journals and proceedings. He also works with regional universities to improve collaboration with IBM and thereby promote the usage of Informix and other IBM products on campus.
What can I do with Docker and Informix? Can I do application development? Can I
run a cluster? What about Kubernetes? Get some hands-on experience on the
latest containerization technologies.
or Panelists:
Darin Tracy