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Presentation Title:   Vendor - Reach new heights in 4GL code quality with Genero® Enterprise v3.10
Primary Speaker:   Christophe Meyer
Bio:   Christophe Meyer is Four Js’ Genero Studio and Report Writer product manager. He joined Four Js in 2001 when his first mission was to extend the virtual machine to provide Web Services. Prior to Four Js, he worked for RadialSoft in 2000 – a startup company in the CAD domain – providing 3D object translators for CATIA, SolidEdge, SolidWorks and web catalogs of interactive 3D objects. In 1995, he joined ERP vendor Incotec Software to develop the APICS implementation of DRP for an inventory module based on INFORMIX. He also managed the core development frameworks developed offshore in India. Christophe works in the Four Js Strasbourg, France R&D center.
Genero takes 4GL code quality and robustness to new heights with several important new features in its version 3.10 release: "Code Coverage" and the new Genero Ghost Client (GGC) user interface testing framework ensure stability and thorough source code testing. Other new features include "Trace", permitting the unrolling of API calls. New debugger features permit problem solving with deployed server or mobile apps. Finally, learn about the new language syntax Dynamic Dialogs” that reduces code length by increasing code flexibility and reuse.
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