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Presentation Information

Presentation Title:   Real World REST API development with Informix and JDBC
Primary Speaker:   Brian Hughes
Bio:   Brian has worked for Informix for 10 years on both development and quality assurance teams. He is responsible for DevOps test and deployment tooling as well as JDBC driver development. He has contributed to the design, implementation, and testing of the Informix NoSQL Wire Listener. He develops internal test tooling and performs testing of Informix features from grid and high availability to SQL and NoSQL features to embedded systems.
REST Interfaces and small services (micro-services) are a
rising trend in application development. This session
present a walk-through of software design and development
a modern web application, complete with Javascript UI
framework, REST application layer using Java/JDBC to
with your data in Informix.

Will demonstrate how JSON objects can be used between
endpoints to make application development easier.
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