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Presentation Title:   Horizontal Scaling using Sharding for OLTP (and NOSQL) applications
Primary Speaker:   Nagaraju Inturi
Bio:   For the past 11 years, working as a development Engineer in Informix replication development team at Lenexa, IBM Informix office.
Horizontal Scaling using Sharding for OLTP (and NOSQL)
applications -- Parallel shard query and support for
transaction consistency

Vertical scaling severely limits hardware utilization --
especially on a NUMA systems with 4 or more sockets,
cannot dynamically grow or shrink infrastructure
resources based on demand.

NOSQL database vendors tried to address this problem by
introducing horizontal scaling using shard servers but
with "eventual consistency" model without support for
ACID rules.
Informix addressed this problem for both OLTP and NOSQL
applications. Informix support ACID compliance for
transactions in shard cluster environment, and at the
same time Informix supports easy scale-in and scale-out
based demand for the data. Informix supports sharding for
both OLTP and document oriented databases(JSON and BSON).
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