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Presentation Title:   DevOPs for DBAs
Primary Speaker:   Benjamin Thompson
Bio:   Benjamin is the Principal DBA for Sky Betting and Gaming, an online bookmaker and gaming company, having worked previously for TSYS, a US credit card processor, and Monitor Computer Systems, a provider of alarm monitoring software to the Europe, the Middle East and US. In all his roles he has been primarily working with Informix. Along the way he also picked up a few skills in other RDBMSs but Informix remains my favorite to work with. Benjamin's main regular contribution to the Informix community is to write blog posts covering topics of concern to a production Informix DBA as well as occasionally contributing to the IIUG technical discussion groups. You can find his writings under Informed Mix. Locally in Yorkshire, he is a committee member of YoDB, a local database user group, which doesn't focus on Informix but has featured some talks on IoT and Informix on single board computers of interest to the wider community. Benjamin's primary work responsibility is oversight of his company's production databases which have 24/7 uptime requirements and high transaction throughput levels. This tends to make the company well-known to EMEA support.
In this presentation I will be looking at the changing
of a DBA in a Dev
Ops environment. Database servers can be custom built and
seen as off
limits to other operations staff with the DBAs that run
increasingly out
of step of DevOps ways of working.

Starting with a brief history of DevOps and its
with Agile
Software Development, I will cover aspects of the CAMS
principles of
Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing as they
to Informix
and DBAs. As part of the culture part I will show where
fit into a
DevOps orientated organisation.

I will give overviews of particular DevOps tools and
specific examples of how
they can be used, particularly focussing on Chef for
automation and
testing and the ELK stack for measurement and sharing.
also cover
Nagios and Graphite/Grafana.
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