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Presentation Title:   Compression - save space AND improve performance!
Primary Speaker:   John Lengyel
Bio:   John was hired by Informix front-line Technical Support in 1991 because his body was warm and his apple pies were delicious. Or perhaps it was the other way around... Eventually John moved into Advanced Support and was a founding member of the Resolution Team, the first group to specialize in down system support. John still has the beeper scars on my right hip. John created Informix's first intranet class in order to train new down system engineers around the world from the comfort of his cube in Menlo Park. John took his Support experiences with him to IDS Development in 1997 and has been a loud, occasionally obnoxious advocate for product quality ever since. For example there was a time when every table creation in IDS version 7.30.UC1B1 caused a DBA in Laos to disappear without a trace. John insisted they fix that defect by GA. They still have an intermittent problem with Canadians, but the workaround is to keep making more Canadians.
Learn about the fine details of IDS compression and how the feature can both save disk space and improve query performance. Let kernel engineer JC Lengyel answer your compression-related questions--even some you didn't know you had. Topics covered: home-row, partition blob, and index compression, undocumented features, and upcoming enhancements.
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