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Presentation Title:   Backup your database to the Cloud
Primary Speaker:   Gustavo Castro
Bio:   Gustavo's 2013 projects: + Design & Develop the OnBar support for de- duplication technologies in storage managers. + Design & Develop the OnBar support for long transfer buffers. 2012, promoted to senior software engineer. 2011/2012 projects: + Designer and Main developer for the Primary Storage Manager (PSM) 2009/2010 projects: + Design & develop the Snapshot Clone Instantiation ifxclone utility + Design & Implement External backup in secondary servers + Developed embedability features for Cognos Express. 2007 - To date : Software Developer Engineer for the IDS Availability team (HDR, MACH-11, Backup And recovery) focal point for the Backup and recovery and load/unload tools 2000 - 2006 : Adavanced Support Engineer for Latin America based in Miami), in charge of dial-in to customers with problems, advanced diagnostics and writing support tools 1999 : Technical support engineer for Latin America based in Miami 1998 : Regional Advanced support engineer in Informix Peru 1997 - 1997 : Pre-sales engineer in Informix de Peru.
A brand new capability in Informix 12.10 is support for backing up your database instances to the cloud. Cloud based backups open up a lot more opportunities for backup and disaster recovery flexibility. In this session we will:
- Explain the current models and APIs for backups in Cloud
- Using the Amazon S3 backup with ontape
- Exploring Backup filters as an options to take backups to the cloud.

Come and learn about this new capability from the lead developer himself!
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