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Presentation Title:   Re-deploying your Informix instance using the ifxdeploy utility
Primary Speaker:   Gustavo Castro
Bio:   Gustavo's 2013 projects: + Design & Develop the OnBar support for de- duplication technologies in storage managers. + Design & Develop the OnBar support for long transfer buffers. 2012, promoted to senior software engineer. 2011/2012 projects: + Designer and Main developer for the Primary Storage Manager (PSM) 2009/2010 projects: + Design & develop the Snapshot Clone Instantiation ifxclone utility + Design & Implement External backup in secondary servers + Developed embedability features for Cognos Express. 2007 - To date : Software Developer Engineer for the IDS Availability team (HDR, MACH-11, Backup And recovery) focal point for the Backup and recovery and load/unload tools 2000 - 2006 : Adavanced Support Engineer for Latin America based in Miami), in charge of dial-in to customers with problems, advanced diagnostics and writing support tools 1999 : Technical support engineer for Latin America based in Miami 1998 : Regional Advanced support engineer in Informix Peru 1997 - 1997 : Pre-sales engineer in Informix de Peru.
Did you know that Informix has a utility that can deploy snapshots of a pre-configured and installed Informix database? Ifxdeploy is intended for exactly this purpose. Imagine you need to make exact copies of a running database with data to a dozen machines. Ifxdeploy is the way to do this. While often talked about to support creation of embedded databases, it can be used in your data center as well. In this session we will review the new command line options that have been created for ifxdeploy and learn:
- How to use ifxdeployassistant
- How to package your your deliverable as a single file
- Review the internals of instance deployment, how we use external backups and limitations of this approach
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