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Presentation Title:   Accessing TimeSeries data - Use the VTI or native TimeSeries functions?
Primary Speaker:   Simon David (Cosmo)
Bio:   Cosmo is an long time Informix user, dating back to 1987. He has served in a variety of roles, both in the Informix support and development organizations. He is currently based in the UK, but also spent many years in Menlo Park. His primary focus over the last several years has been TimeSeries, helping many customers plan and optimally deploy TimeSeries applications.
Informix’s Virtual Table Interface is an easy way to access your TimeSeries data. This method is most often mentioned as the way to access time series data. Is that the best way? Informix also has hundred of native time series functions that have been optimized for working with this data. When should these be used? This session will discuss the ins and outs of working with TimeSeries data and when the use of native functions is recommended.
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